About Me

Hello, my name is Julian Christensen, and I am the creator and author of Air Travel Analysis. I currently am a high schooler and live in the Washington DC area. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with commercial aviation in all forms. This means that I love taking airplane photos, collecting model airplanes, and most of all: I love traveling. To me, getting there (only if it is on a plane) is a large part of the excitement of the trip, although probably the bigger part of the trip is seeing new places which I have not gone to before. I am probably the happiest when I am traveling. Other hobbies of mine include playing the piano, collecting model airplanes, tennis, and well, researching anything and everything that has to do with commercial air travel. On this website/blog, I will try to share my knowledge of commercial aviation with you, so that you can choose the best airlines for the best travel classes for the cheapest price in the highest class of service. This is only a part-time “job” for me (as I am in high school), so don’t expect much more than two or three posts a week during the school year, although I will try to keep up posting as much as I can year-round. For a more in-depth coverage of what I will covering on this blog, please see my Welcome Post.

A photo of me, on an airplane.

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A Photograph Greenland From a Boeing 767-400

Thank you, and please enjoy my website!